Unlocking the Potential of African Cocoa

Qualitative ESG Assurance

For chocolate brands, processors, producer organizations, and NGOs that want to assure their customers that sourcing is done with integrity, and positive impact is real.

Our methodology begins by supporting our clients to map their cocoa supply chain. We then develop a strategy for engagement with key stakeholders, including and especially cocoa producers and community leaders.

Finally, we create authentic, contextualized, compelling content that allows our clients to share their supply chain investments and sustainability achievements.

For our team, success comes when seller, buyer, and investor value propositions are aligned; mutually beneficial business outcomes are effectively marketed across diverse channels; and all stakeholders enjoy relationships of understanding and trust.

EUDR Risk Assessment

Together with our partners orijin, Aya Data, and Demeter Holdings, ACM offers full service EUDR compliance solutions to operators and traders placing EUDR-relevant products on the EU market.

Within our collaborative solution, ACM leads on qualitative risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies, including engagement with indigenous groups to ensure their meaningful contributions to deforestation-free supply chains.

Our compliance pilots are currently ongoing across Africa and the Caribbean. Contact us today to join a pilot and get ahead on EUDR compliance.


At ACM, our work is to understand the day-to-day realities of Africa’s cocoa markets, as well as the big picture of cocoa and chocolate across the continent, and beyond.

Our team is in the field, engaging with smallholder farmers, listening to and learning with them, and doing our best to see cocoa from their perspectives.

We also engage with value-add companies - processors of cocoa butter, liquor, and powder, craft chocolate makers and confectioners, multinational traders and brands, and entrepreneurs making innovative consumer and business products out of cocoa.

And we keep a close eye on international trade. We are constantly analyzing global supply and demand, market trends, the shifting landscape of compliance, and consumer responses to all of those.

We want to share our learnings with you.

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